Were you ever invited to a NYE party at the top of Dubai’s World Trade Centre?

Also, it could be your fault your boss hates you.

Neither were we! But that’s where they would host the NYE party for DWTC members back in the day, as uncovered by our youngest podcast host, Spatika, on the inaugural episode of Tell Me More!

Trace the origins of the first skyscraper in the Middle East with architect Todd Reisz, photographer Hind Mezaina and its first employee, Guy Guillemard.

Your boss hates you and it’s your fault

Dawn Metcalfe shares her advice on building a better relationship with your boss on AccountingWEB:

What’s the most important factor in determining your success and happiness at your job and, ultimately, within an organisation? Despite what many think, it’s not your technical or functional skills or knowledge – that’s what gets you the job in the first place. It is your relationship with your boss that’s most crucial to how much you enjoy your role, what you learn and where you go next.

Dawn is a longtime advocate for building no-fear workplace cultures and having the difficult conversations. She was also a guest on Season 1 of Tales of the Trade.

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The story behind A to Za’atar

Host of CSR of One Courtney Brandt was on the Chef JKP Podcast, where she shares her journey building A to Za’atar, and might have spilled the beans on who complains the most in her WhatsApp food group.

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