Apple & Facebook place their podcast bets, and happenings near you

Plus, Heba Shunbo tells you how to deal with pushy grandmothers.

Oh boy, it’s been a busy week in our audio world, with Facebook announcing support for podcasts and a Clubhouse clone (could they be any later to the party?), and Apple unveiling the ability for podcast creators to charge subscriptions.

If you want to dig into the details of the Apple announcement, Mark Steadman has an in-depth feature in the latest edition of The Iceberg newsletter.

We’ll be sharing more on this in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. Have thoughts about it all? Tell us!

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How to deal with pushy grandparents, especially your mother

Once I had kids, it’s been a never-ending surge of do’s and don’ts, advice elegantly enveloped in insults, and the pleasant reminder that starts with “when I was your age…” And I’ve had enough. Actually, I had enough three years ago when Zane and Nina were born, but it doesn’t seem like anyone has yet found the formula for making your mother poof away from your shoulder.

Heba Shunbo shares how she learned to handle her mother’s transition into a pushy grandmother. If you’ve been or soon may be in a similar boat, you’ll enjoy this piece.

Oh, and there’s a new episode of Mommy’s Happy Hour this week where Heba speaks to fertility activator Fiona Boulton, whose treatments combine medicine & nutrition with psychological methods such as energy hygiene.

The Lighthouse opens at the Mall of the Emirates

Our awesome partners, The Lighthouse, unveiled their second branch over at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai. We can’t wait to check out the new location (and maybe record something there, sssh!). Have you been already?

If you’re an Abu Dhabi resident, don’t despair. A branch is in the works later this year at the Yas Bay Waterfront.

Also in Dubai: Boca x Frying Pan Adventures Iftar

We managed to dig in last week to try out Boca’s creative take on the Frying Pan Adventures tours of old Dubai.

You can book a spot now or email to support this lovely collaboration between two homegrown concepts.

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Award-winning Director Jehane Noujaim on What I Did Next

Jehane Noujaim has captured the zeitgeist time and time again, and has won numerous awards for her work. She’s the engine behind well-known documentaries like (2001) and Control Room (2004), The Square (2014), The Great Hack (2019) which is available on Netflix, and the series The Vow on HBO.

Jehane talks to host Malak Fouad on What I Did Next to share who would make her ideal dinner party, and her advent into the cinema verité genre of filmmaking.

Listen to the episode 🎧