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Amaeya Media is one of the Middle East & North Africa’s largest podcast networks with the aim to unlock the untapped potential of on-demand audio in the region. We provide a platform for rich discussions & storytelling on a variety of topics such as arts & culture, business & entrepreneurship, motherhood, self-help, sustainability and more.

We produce podcasts in both English and Arabic, including original and branded shows. Over the last three years, we've published 500 episodes translating to over 11,000 minutes of produced audio content that has been downloaded in over 150 countries.

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Amaeya Media
Unlocking the untapped potential for on-demand audio for the region. We’re home to Tales of the Trade, @thetwovegans, @csrofone, @karamasutra + many more. 🎙 🎧
Chirāg Desai
That podcast guy. A Pani Puri hotshot. I run @AmaeyaMedia.